Our team has over 10 years of experience working with optometrists.  We can help you over the hurdles of owning your own practice and suggest funding solutions to help ensure you have a plan in place for your family and business. 

We built our business by working with business owners and professionals like you and your colleagues.  We understand that as a successful business owner your time is typically focused on the daily activities of your practice.  In order to grow financially, we believe it is important that you focus on the long-term areas of your financial life that are not part of the day-to-day operations.

However, the reality is: you are busy; you are in demand all day long. Like many business owners, you may not have done the necessary planning to ensure that the practice continues to operate in the event of an injury, illness or death. Through our process, we can help you answer those questions and devise strategies to help fit your family and business needs.  We currently work with multiple local Iowa Clinics and look forward to serving you and others in the medical community. 

We can work with you on address the following concerns:

  • Disability Planning: How do I ensure that my business and my household have enough resources if I am unable to perform the primary functions of my practice?
  • Succession Planning: What happens to my practice in the event of my death, disability, divorce, litigation or bankruptcy?
  • Buy Sell Agreement Funding: How do I create the liquidity to execute the Buy/Sell?
  • Estate Planning: Will my assets and my practice go to whom I want, when I want, and in the most tax efficient manner upon my death?
  • Informal Business Valuation: How much is my practice worth?
  • Data Breach: How can I minimize the chance for a breach and safeguard personally identifiable and protected health information?
  • Owner Exit Strategies: How can I build my practice, so I can leave it in style?
  • Loan Protection: What happens to my loan in the event something happens to me?
  • Tax Management Strategies: How can I reduce the taxes on my net income and investments?  
  • Retirement Income Planning: How do I create the income needed, from my practice and investments, to enjoy a comfortable lifestyle in retirement?